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MT800E Series

457 HP - 598 HP

Tracked Tractors
MT 800E Series Tract Track Tractor

MT800E Series

457 HP - 598 HP

Tracked Tractors


  • 12-cylinder AGCO POWER engine provides unmatched torque in terms of peak and rise
  • Reliable 16F/4R Powershift transmission has been designed specifically for MT 800E Series tractors
  • The hydraulic system offers one of the highest standard flow rates in the industry
  • Mobil-Trac™ system delivers improved yields, reduced compaction, better efficiency and increased power


Designed to Stretch the Limits of Productivity and Performance

MT 800E Series are heavy-duty, high-horsepower rubber-tracked farm tractors designed to stretch the limits of productivity and performance. These new tractors are the result of decades of design and engineering leadership in rubber-belted track technology.

Power under the hood is one thing – But the MT800E Series  redefines the meaning of power to the ground.  Unlike some competitors who simply retrofit their wheel tractors with tracks, we engineered these tractors from the ground up to be track machines – ballasted correctly from the start to ensure a better ride and more efficient transfer of power. 

But there’s much more than brute power at play here. Comfort becomes critical when putting in a long day in the field. The Mobil-trac system delivers the most comfortable ride in the industry with Marsh Mellow springs that compress and expand to allow the hardbar to oscillate freely. This reduction in vibration delivers a ride that's superior to competitive air-bag suspension.



MT 855E AGCO Power 16.8L- 536(394) 496(365) 2360
MT 865E AGCO Power 16.8L 592(435) 548(403) 2600
MT 875E AGCO Power 16.8L 646(475) 598(440) 2840

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