MT900E Articulated Tractor envelope Print up

MT900E Series

457 HP - 598 HP

Articulated Tractors

MT900E Series

457 HP - 598 HP

Articulated Tractors


  • 16.8 Litre, 12 cylinder AGCO POWER engine - power through with big implements in tough terrain.
  • Greater torque rise over a wider range of RPM’s for unmatched lugging ability and maximum productivity
  • Higher sustained torque curve that operates at lower RPMs to save on fuel and extend engine life
  • The CAT® 16-speed Powershift transmission keeps you moving with 8 gears in the working range and a transport speed of up to 40 Km/h
  • Up to 321 Litres per minute hydraulic flow


Able, Agile and Plenty of Muscle

You’re out to get more done in less time. That’s why our MT900E Series articulated 4-wheel drive tractors deliver the reliability, quality and infield performance to get the job done

As one of the world’s most powerful 4-wheel-drive articulated tractor, the Challenger MT900E Series is:

  • Heavy enough to efficiently transmit power to the ground
  • Designed with enough flotation to prevent compaction
  • Agile enough to get into hard-to-reach spots with an amazingly tight turning radius

You’re looking at one of the most rugged and powerful articulated 4-wheel drive tractor lineups in the industry, with output ranging from 500-600 HP. It packs all the horsepower, size and weight it takes to master any field - even those big ones with steep slopes and rough terrain.

Never content, Challenger engineers have been busy making today’s MT900E models even more efficient, user friendly, comfortable - and reliable





MT 955E AGCO Power 16.8L 536(394) 500(365) 2360
MT 965E AGCO Power 16.8L 592(435) 550(403) 2600
MT 975E AGCO Power 16.8L 646(475) 600(440) 2840

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